Cliff Potts

Painting the spirit of Montana

Cliff's 2014 Art Show

Cliff’s 2014 Art Show
You are invited to Cliff Potts’ Art Show. Nearly six decades ago, Cliff painted his first oil by mouth stick. All of this year’s showings are still life & landscapes that were done by the use of his “Golden Arm”. There will be paintings of the past as well as 2014. This year’s works are primarily scenes from Alaska, Washington & Oregon. In all of his paintings he hopes to capture the great expanse of the land and intensity of the light and darkness found within nature. Please join us and view this year’s variety showings.  
1904 Northridge Circle  
Nov. 22nd & 23rd
2 P.M.- 6 P.M.
Please call 406-656-4938 for a private showing.


In Montana we have an abundance of scenery and wildlife to inspire us to see the hand of God all-around us. As an artist trying to capture the beauty of the land, surrounding plants and animals is enjoyable and never-ending. The majesty of the mountains on the western slopes creates an expanse and panorama that flows outwards as far as the eye can see.