In Montana, we have an abundance of scenery and wildlife to inspire us to see the hand of God all-around us. As an artist trying to capture the beauty of the land, surrounding plants and animals are enjoyable and never-ending. The majesty of the mountains on the western slopes creates an expanse and panorama that flows outward, as far as the eye can see.

An artist's use of colors and values in capturing the subtlety of this environment, requires nearly constant practice and time behind the easel. It's similar to the musician's never ending rehearsals that assure the maintenance of a finely honed edge or the gymnast’s perfect dismount and skater's jumps done to perfection. 

Daily painting exercises provides a level of practice which helps me go to another level of possibility in both subtly of color and design. The subjects I choose are often a reflection of my Montana friends who are generally non-pretentious, good folks, who would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it. 

I enjoy painting everyday scenes that illustrate the life style and genuine spirit out here. From the hills of Havre country to the plains of Castle Buttes, there are stories to be told on canvas or etched by pen all across this great state.  I’m blessed to enjoy the bounty generously accorded our lives here in the West and the greatest part of this value is living in a state where ordinary people, take time to be good neighbors.

-Cliff Potts