Cliff Potts

Painting the spirit of Montana

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Dillon Country

Filtered Sun

Scent of Flowers

Morning in the Ozarks

Hidden Lake Glacier

Bear Tooth Range

Calving Shed

Vermont Church

Glacier Waterfalls

Welcoming Sign

Square Butte

A Sign of Drought

Columbia River Gorge

An Oriental Feel

Variety of Leaves

Mission Mountain Hideaway

Paradise Valley

Another View of Rosebud

Ridge of Flowers

Glacier Park

Jackson Hole Country

Private Watering Hole

Sunset on the Lake

Side Hill Grazing

Paradise Valley Wetlands

Timber for the Hunter

Sun Drenched Tree

Foggy Pasture

Sunlit Leaves

Lifting Fog

Morning Light

Sun Lit Clover

Burning the Fog

Vastness of the Valley

Sun's Penetration

Snow Field's Retreat

Chuck Wagon's Supply

Glacier's Restoration

Southern Colorado

Jack Fences

Beartooth Flowers

Rustic Cabin

Beaverhead Valley

Mount Moran Teton's

Fencing Near Dillon

Checking Rock Creek

Opening to Hunt

Road to Paradise

Slanted Pasture

River Valley Color

Leaves Reflected

Ridge Sunlit

Paradise Valley in the Sun

Bright Sunrise

Paradise River Scene

Paradise Fishing Spot

Alaskan Arctic Gardens

Flowers in Sunlight

Lightning Strike

Boulders in Paradise Valley

Slanted Pasture and Flowers

Reflected Currents

Strong Reds

Cherry Blossoms

Snowfield Sliding Off

Reflection of Colors

Rough Honed Cabin

Reflection in Puddles

Protected Pastures

Country Church

Canopy of Colors

Ready Baptismal

Fall in Michigan

The Smoky Mountains

Pryor Country

The Fire Line Held

Fall is in Full Colors

Red Foliage

Pilot and Index Mountains

Gated Pastures

Rock Slides Galore

Montana Ranch

Red Rock River

Mountain Adorned in Red

Surrounded by Aspens

Gateway to Glacier